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File Edit History


In the process of file editing, Papeeria periodically saves the current version of file contents and provides an interface for viewing and recovering past versions in File Edit History dialog.

How long is the history

The maximum age of versions in the edit history is limited with 24 hours on the free plan and with 30 days on paid plan.

Recovering past file versions

Edit history of a currently open file is available from the section File Edit History of Version Control pane. Besides, edit history of any file can be shown using History item in the file context menu. Both actions will open a modal dialog File Edit History.

The list of available versions is shown in the pane on the right-hand side and is sorted from the most recent version to the least recent. Clicking any version loads its contents into the editor in the dialog for preview purposes. Click on "Revert to this version" button will replace the live file contents with the contents of the selected version.

Recovering removed files

Removed files can be recovered with the same File Edit History dialog by clicking Removed files button in the section File Edit History of Version Control pane.

Removed files are shown in the right-hand side pane. Clicking any of the removed files will show its most recent contents. Button Earlier versions provides access to previous versions of the selected removed file.