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Dropbox Sync


Dropbox Sync allows for exporting Papeeria project to Dropbox and importing a folder from Dropbox into Papeeria project.

Premium feature

Dropbox Sync is available to paid plan users.

Connecting to Dropbox

You need to authenticate in Dropbox and authorize Papeeria to read and write data from your Dropbox account. You can do it on the settings page in your Papeeria dashboard

Papeeria will create its own folder in Apps folder in your Dropbox and will only have access to files created in that folder. Other files in your Dropbox account will not be visible to Papeeria.

Importing and exporting

Project import and export functions work the same way for both Dropbox and Google Drive. Please refer to Cloud Storage Sync page.

Dropbox paths case insensitivity

Dropbox paths are case insensitive, meaning that /Foo/Bar/baz.tex is the same file as /foo/bar/baz.tex. Be careful when dealing with them.