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Dropbox Sync


Dropbox Sync allows for exporting Papeeria project to Dropbox and importing a folder from Dropbox into Papeeria project

Premium feature

Dropbox Sync is available to paid plan users.

Connecting to Dropbox

You need to authenticate in Dropbox and authorize Papeeria to read and write data from your Dropbox account. You can do it on the settings page in your Papeeria dashboard

Papeeria will have access to its folder only. Folder for Papeeria projects will be created in Apps folder in your Dropbox.

Importing and exporting

Dropbox import and export functions are available from Dropbox section in Version Control pane. There is a text field for the folder name and a button with a dropdown list which switches between import and export action.

Importing folder from Dropbox

Choose Import in the dropdown, type folder name in the text field and click Import. If there is such folder in Papeeria section of your Dropbox, it will be imported and its files will replace files in Papeeria project.

Import replaces project contents

Import will replace all existing files in Papeeria project. We will show a warning and will automatically create a backup snapshot before importing.

Import process takes some time. You will see a notification when it completes.

Papeeria remembers the associated Dropbox folder in the project metadata.

Exporting Papeeria project

Choose Export in the dropdown, type folder name if you want it to be different than project name, and click Export.

Export process takes some time. You will see a notification when it completes. In case of any errors, you will see a warning in the Dropbox section of Version Control pane.

The export process aims to be non-destructive and consistent. If there is an existing folder with the same name, and it is not yet associated with Papeeria project, we write project data into a temporary folder. If the existing folder is associated with Papeeria project (e.g. because it was previously imported), we first write project data into a temporary folder and then try to swap it with the existing. In any case, should anything go wrong (e.g. network failure between us and Dropbox), you will have either complete previous version or complete new version in the Dropbox folder. It is impossible to have a mix of two versions in associated Dropbox folder after export.