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Usage Quotas

Usage Quotas

We enforce quotas on the resource usage in the free tier for a number of reasons. For instance, quotas protect users from sudden unforeseen spikes and even outages caused by either malicious usage or just user error. Since we allow for running arbitrary code in the environment with shared hardware resources, we must be careful and prevent users from grabbing all processor or disk.

The restrictions are very permissive and we see just a tiny fraction of our users who actually hit the limits.

Disk Quota

Your project data and all generated artifacts, such as result PDF files, logs, etc., must fit into 64MiB. This quota is enforced when compiling, syncing with Git repositories and basically all other actions which involve writing project data to the disk.

Despite that 64 megs sound too small, there are very few users who really need more than that. The typical project is way smaller and if you need more than 64MiB then you may want to switch to paid plan anyway because of other reasons.

CPU Quota

Every compilation cycle of a free project is expected to complete in 60 seconds. We kill compilation process when this timeout expires.

Quotas in paid projects

We put quotas on paid projects as well because of the same resource isolaton reasons. In paid projects limits are higher by default and we increase them on demand, so should you need bigger disk or compilation timeout, just send us an email.