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Compilation Timeouts


There are many reasons why compilation may time out, but the most important are:

  • LaTeX code errors
  • heavy-weight images
  • just big documents

So what can you do to make your documents compiling faster and do not fail with timeout?

Use draft mode

Many LaTeX packages recognize draft option passed to document class or to single package. This options makes compilation faster by skipping certain heavy-weight work, such as image embedding. A comprehensive guide to the effect of draft option is available on TeX Stack Exchange.

Upgrade to premium plan

If your document is really big and complex, its compilation may time out even with draft mode on. In this case we suggest upgrading to premium plan Delta. By default, compilation times out in paid projects in 120 seconds. This period can be increased on per-project basis on demand. Contact us if you need an increased compilation timeout in your projects.