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Supported Git repositories


This article explains what setup is required to sync with git repository and what restrictions may apply.

Premium feature

Access to private Git repositories is available on premium plan only.


Any Papeeria user can create a new project from any public repository hosted on the most popular git hostings in pull-push mode. Paying users can use any repository where they have permissions and which is accessible from the outside world.

Compatibility matrix

This table shows what is supported and what setup is required on free and premium pricing plans.

Pricing Plan Access via HTTPS Access via SSH
Free Any public repository, read-only. Public repositories hosted on a service from whitelist, read-write.
No additional setup. No setup for pull. Push requires SSH key authorization.
Premium Any public repository, read-only. Public and private repositories on any service, read-write.
No additional setup. No setup for pull from public repositories hosted on whitelisted services. Pulling from other repositories and pushing requires SSH key authorization.

Whitelisted services

The following git hostings are in the whitelist:

We're happy to add any public git hosting which offers free pricing plan. Let us know if your favorite hosting is missing.

SSH key authorization

If you want to push changes from Papeeria project into the linked repository or pull changes from private repository or if your repository is hosted on not-whitelisted service then you'll have to authorize your SSH key on the hosting service.

Repository size limits

Every operation which concerns access to git repository imposes limitations on the size of the repository. The limits apply to the whole repository, not the subtree you link with Papeeria project.

The limits on the disk quota for git operations are listed on Data and CPU quotas page.