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Plot Configuration

Different plots serve for different purposes. You can change the plot style completely and tweak small details such as colors or label formatting.

Colors, styles and the legend

You can change color used for each Y data series and line and point style (if applicable) in the top rows of the table and change the columns names in the column heading. Column names will be used in the legend if you choose to show it on the plot.

Axis labels and ticks options

X and Y labels can be tuned separately in the Axis settings pane. You can give a name to each axis and define the strategy of placing ticks along the axis.

  • For numeric values in X axis major ticks step defines the width of the numeric interval between subsequent major ticks on X axis. For instance, if your X data starts with 0 and step is set to 5 then you will see major ticks at points 5, 10, 15, etc.

    Minor ticks options defines how many minor ticks should be shown between subsequent major ticks. They divide the interval between the subsequent major ticks into pieces of the same length.

  • For non-numeric values in the X axis the major ticks interval is measured in table rows. If you put month names into X column and set major ticks step to 2 then you will get major tick for every second month.

  • Y axis is supposed to be numeric only.

  • Zero will let the engine choose appropriate value depending on the data.

Tick labels formatting

You can use format strings to format the values in tick marks. The format is different in Gnuplot and Plotly engines. Below you can find simple examples for both engines. Please refer to Gnuplot/Plotly docs for additional information.

Format string Value Result
%t 5 5.0
%+-12.3f 12345 +12345.000
%.2t*10^%+03T 12345 1.23*10^+04
%.0P pi 6.283185 2 pi
%.0f%% 50 50%

Gnuplot formatting examples. Learn more

Format string Value Result
f 5 5
.2f 5 5.00
% 5 500%
e 5 5e+0

Plotly formatting examples. Learn more