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Auto Compiling


Auto Compiler takes care of running compilation cycles. It monitors typing activity and runs compilation once all collaborators stop typing.

Premium feature

Auto Compiler is available to all collaborators in projects owned by paid plan user.

How does it work

If Auto Compiler is available in some project, collaborators will see android icon in the Compile button. Auto Compiler can be switched on and off and in the latter case the icon is grayed out. One can toggle Auto Compiler with menu item in Compile dropdown.

When Auto Compiler is switched on, it tracks user activity in the project. While any of the collaborators is typing text, Auto Compiler moves back and forth. Once all collaborators become idle, Auto Compiler starts compilation of configured auto-compile targets for each collaborator.

What is compiled

Auto Compiler compiles the last successfully compiled target for each collaborator in a project. This works exactly as if every user hits Ctrl+F9 explicitly.

Let's consider a simple project with root files preso.tex and notes.tex and file table.tex which is included into both preso and notes. If Alice successfully compiled preso.tex file then Auto Compiler will start compiling preso.tex for her. If Alice explicitly triggers compilation of notes.tex, Auto Compiler switches to compiling notes.tex. If Alice compiles preso.tex while Bob compiles notes.tex, Auto Compiler will compile both files and deliver the results to Alice and Bob appropriately.